Need help?

1) Get in contact via our customer support portal

Visit our Support Portal

If you do not yet have an account on the support portal, please create one – it only takes a minute. You can sign up here even if you are not yet a COBI.Bike user.
 If you already have a support account, please log in here.

Creating an account gives you access to a searchable FAQ and the option to post questions to our support team.

By providing us with a contact email address, we can keep you updated on the status of your issue.

2) Search the complete FAQ database

 Search the complete FAQ database: saves you time to find a solution
Select your language so we know how best to answer your question
Select your topic so we can route your request to the right team

3) Provide us with some basic details about your request

Provide us with some basic details about your request

 Start by entering a subject, just as if you were sending us an email
 You may see some specific solutions here if we can identify them
 If your question relates to one specific part of the system, please let us know
 If possible, please add the serial number to which your question relates

4) Find the serial number of your hub:

① Hub serial numbers are typically 14 digits long, begin with the sequence “2401” and are laser-etched into the lower casing of the hub.

① If you connected your Hub to the App already, open the App settings

③ And select »My Bike« and scroll down to find the serial number (»S/N«)

5) If you ordered via our webshop, please locate your order number:

 You’ll find your order number in the email confirmation that we sent out when we received your order.

6) Now please provide any further details relevant to your request

 Your order number from our webshop
 Or a picture of your receipt if you bought COBI.Bike from elsewhere
 Further details regarding your question

7) Track the status of your request online at the portal

Tracking requests when logged into the portal

If you reply to updates we send you regarding your question by mail, we will try to associate your response with any previous communications on the same thread. 
We will automatically create new requests for you in the portal if you send us new questions to a support email address.

If you need direct assistance by phone, please contact our support hotline. You will find the number for your country here:

Support Request