Managing COBI.Bike hubs

Your hubs at a glance

The owner website shows a complete list of all COBI.Bike hubs that have been activated with your user account. Share your bike and COBI.Bike with good friends or reset the ownership by removing it from your account completely.


Toggle sharing (hub lock)

The "Share hub" switch toggles the hub sharing state of the respective hub. When sharing is active, other users will be able to use their COBI.Bike accounts and smartphone with your bike. If you don't want to share your hub – or you changed your mind – you can re-activate the lock by disabling the sharing so the hub rejects any usage from others.


Reset ownership

Sometimes you might want to end ownership and open your hub to a new owner. You could do it with the COBI.Bike app, but if you have missed the opportunity you can do it remotely as well. To do so hit the delete bin icon in the "manage hubs" section to be found in the owner website. Just confirm and your ownership will end so any COBI.Bike account user will be able to connect and manage the hub.