COBI.Bike can't wake up my eBike

COBI.Bike acts as the Human Machine Interface (HMI) component when attached to compatible eBike systems.  Most of these systems allow the HMI to power up the overall system, so long as the main battery is not in its deep sleep state.  Where a battery can go into deep sleep, eBike systems typically offer riders an additional mechanism for waking the battery up via a button on the battery itself.  Please refer first to the Troubleshooting Hub power failure guide for more general guidance regarding power supply.  This guide focusses on the rare situation where power cannot be switched on and/or maintained for more than a few seconds.

Diagnosis Steps:

Hub stuck in firmware update mode

While in firmware update mode, the COBI.Bike hub cannot maintain external power from the eBike.  The internal battery in the COBI.Bike Hub will allow you to complete the firmware update anyway and COBI.Bike's firmware updater prevents the system from starting a firmware update unless there is sufficient battery available to complete the process.  However, if the firmware update is not completed and the hub is then left for the battery to deplete, you could face a lock-out situation.  While this is an unusual set of circumstances, it is possible to recover.

Hub Components

⑦ Hub button

③ Status LED (flashing blue, when external power is available)

Recovery steps

To recover, you need to charge the hub's internal battery enough to complete the firmware update process.

Hub incorrectly configured

In order to maintain external power on an eBike, the correct engine type must be selected in COBI.Bike's settings.  If the engine type is configured incorrectly the hub's internal battery may run flat, resulting in a similar situation to the one described above.

Hub Components

⑦ Hub button

③ Status LED (flashing white OR dashboard color, when external power is available)

The major difference in a configuration problem vs. firmware problem is that the Status LED will flash white (or the color of the app dashboard if connected) rather than dark blue, indicating that the firmware is OK, but external power is still not available.

Recovery steps

① Engine Type/ Drive (make sure that the correct drive is selected here. Brose, Bosch, Impulse, TranzX or calf drive for biobikes)

 ControllerThumb Controller (make sure that the correct thumb switch is selected here. Intuvia, Intuvia 2017, COBI or Nyon)

Still not working?

If your bike is unable to charge the internal battery as described above, please contact our support including the words "eBike battery lockout" in the subject line.