Tracking with Connected Services

Once you have connected or activated the desired tracking service in the settings COBI.Bike tracks and uploads every ride automatically in the background whenever you are ending a ride. To track multiple days – just pause a trip using the pause button after taking you phone from the COBI.Bike hub.

“Connected Services” settings section (on iOS)

Apple Health / Google Fit Integration

The fitness data collected from COBI.Bike can be easily transferred to your Apple Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) profile. To activate these features, activate it in the App Settings > My Account > Connected Services.

Strava Integration

COBI.Bike also seamlessly connects to your Strava account. COBI.Bike will automatically upload your completed tours to the Strava platform every time you finish a ride with COBI.Bike (uploaded tracks are set to "public" by default). Now you can use COBI.Bike to grab those KOM titles on your favorite Strava segments and analyze your rides in detail on Strava once you’re done. To activate these features, activate it in the App Settings > My Account > Connected Services.

riding data analysis in Strava – after automatically uploading

Komoot Integration

Your routes can be automatically uploaded to komoot after your trip – making it even easier to save and share your completed rides with friends. Please mind that all uploaded tracks are set to "private" by default. To activate these features, activate it in the App Settings > My Account > Connected Services.

Did you know? More Insights with Sensors.

COBI.Bike can display your speed, cadence, and heart-rate of your favorite bluetooth sensors. Simply pair the bluetooth smart compatible sensor to your phone and add them once via App Settings > Ride Settings > External sensors in the COBI.Bike app. Depending on the fitness sensors you connect with COBI.Bike, you will see different data setups in the dashboards wheel menu. Find a list of recommended and tested speed, cadence and heart-rate sensors in our FAQ with regards to fitness.