Smartphone Mount Options

Mount Case incl. Rain Cover (for iPhones 6/7/plus)

The mount case connects your smartphone securely to the hub, protects it from damage and offers seamless charging via an integrated Lightning® plug. The optional transparent rain cover will allow you to use the touchscreen when it rains.

Flexible Universal Mount (for Android Phones and iPhones)

The universal mount connects your smartphone to the hub, holds it securely in place using a flexible spring-loaded clamp mechanism and enables the charging function. It works with most smartphones with a display size between 4”­ and 6” and it is permanently attached to the hub with screws. Should you already use a protective case for your smartphone, it might also fit in the universal mount depending on its design. A micro­ USB to micro­ USB and a micro­ USB to Lightning® cable are provided for smartphone charging.