App Settings

You can access the app settings by clicking the cog icon in the upper right corner on the home screen.

In the “My Account” section you can set your personal info such as birth date, gender, and height. To manage your account go to You can set also your heart rate and cadence range. You can also connect to other app services such as Apple Health, Google fit, Komoot and Strava.

In the ride settings section, you can download maps, set your preferred unit, add external sensors and connect to your Apple Watch. In the Help Section, you can find the user manual, the dashboard tutorial or send a request to our support team.

In the Legal & Privacy section you can find privacy settings and policy, our terms of use, our imprint, 3rd party licenses and our service description.

App settings view

Bike Settings

You can access the bike settings by clicking on the connection bar. This will open the Hub Status Screen. In the upper left corner on iOS devices (upper right corner on Android devices) you can find the wrench icon that leads you to the bike settings.

If you use your Cobi with an e-bike, in the header image you can find the total ridden kilometers. The first section of the bike settings contains information about your bike. You can set the type, color, and name of your bike and you can set the circumference (regular bikes only) and weight of your bike. The inspection section lets you check your bike’s components status. You are also able to check when your bike needs to go to an inspection (this is calculated on the odometer value and/or due date and applies only for e-bikes).

In the settings section (called Hub Information on iOS devices) you have the option to set your engine type and controller. You can also setup your Cobi rear light, deactivate hub sounds, control hub sharing and turn off or reset your hub. 

If you use your Cobi with a regular bike you can also choose your speed source and set the energy saver function. You can choose between three different speed sources:

  1. Smooth speed: Calculates speed by fusing data from GPS, speed- and motion sensors

  2. Motor/Bluetooth Sensor speed: Speed data is transmitted from a Bluetooth bike sensor 

  3. GPS speed: Speed data is derived from GPS  and ignores speed sensors.

Energy Saver - "Smart Screen"

This feature lowers the brightness of your display automatically to increase the battery life. If important information is shown on the screen or you use the thumb controller the screen returns to full brightness immediately.

Bike settings view