Retrofitting the AmbiSense Front Light

If you are using a regular bike, please remove the battery pack before mounting the front light. For eBikes with a Bosch System, please remove the eBike battery to ensure that there is no voltage.

  1. Remove the COBI.Bike bumper from the hub by pulling it off the screws it is attached to

  2. Undo the screws using the included 2.5mm Hex/Allen key – you don’t need them anymore

  3. Remove the small rubber plug from the front side of the hub and plug in the front light cable

  4. Mount the front light to the hub by using the two new screws provided in a little plastic bag

For information how to position the front light, please click here.

Remove Battery

Remove Bumper and Bumper Screws

Plug in Front Light Cable

Mount Front Light with Front Light Screw