Mounting the Hub

1) Version for (regular) bikes

Quick-Start Guide/Manual as PDF for download

Attention: Before mounting the hub on the handlebars make sure that the two screws that fix the handlebar adapter to the hub are tightened.

  1. Position the COBI.Bike hub centrally on your handlebars

  2. When necessary, exchange the rubber inserts in the handlebar brackets

  3. Screw the brackets to the bottom of the hub using the 4 Allen screws and the provided 2.5mm Allen key

Position the COBI.Bike Hub on the Handlebar

Screw the Brackets to the Handlebar

2) Version for Bosch eBikes

Quick-Start Guide/Manual as PDF for download

  1. Remove your current Intuvia or Nyon display

  2. Slide the COBI.Bike hub onto the existing mount

  3. In order to prevent theft and to enhance the robustness of the physical connection, it is recommended to fix the hub with the provided screw from underneath

    1. In order to do so, you need to dismount the original Bosch adapter first 

    2. Now, slide the COBI.Bike hub onto the adapter
    3. Screw the COBI.Bike hub to the Bosch handlebar adapter by using the nut from underneath (find the provided screw in your COBI.Bike box)

Remove Intuvia or Nyon Display

Slide COBI.Bike Hub on Mount