Mounting and Removing a Smartphone

Mount Case for iPhones

  1. Insert your iPhone into the mount case

  2. Slide the case on the designated rails on the COBI.Bike hub until it securely locks into place

  3. To remove your your iPhone, press the release button on the COBI.Bike hub while you slide the case up until you can remove it

Mounting the Mount Case

Universal Mount

Mounting the universal mount to permanently fix it on the hub:

  1. Slide the mount on the designated rails on top of the COBI.Bike hub until it locks into place

  2. Tighten the universal mount using the two supplied screws

Inserting and removing your smartphone:

  • Turn your smartphone right into a landscape orientation

  • Push your phone into the front clamp and stretch it until it fits into the second clamp

  • To remove your phone, grab it on both sides and press it against the front clamp until it no longer touches the rear clamp

  • Remove your smartphone from the universal mount


  • Before fastening your smartphone, make sure that the universal mount is securely attached to your COBI.Bike
  • Do not drop your smartphone. Use both hands when inserting your smartphone or removing it from the universal mount.

  • Always press the clamp carefully when inserting and removing your smartphone. Operating the unit with force or applying excessive force can damage mechanical parts.

  • Before your ride, check whether your smartphone is securely attached

Mounting the Universal Mount