Manual extension for the iZip Protour

The IZIP E3 Protour is a powerful electric bike, featuring best-in-class integration between motor and user with the COBI.Bike system. 

The COBI.Bike hardware allows you to control the motor on the bike while incorporating lighting, a charging station for your phone, and an electronic bell.

By connecting the bike to the COBI.Bike app, you can extend the vehicle features further and get the most of your ride.

This guide extends the COBI.Bike manual to cover features which are particular to the iZip Protour system. The complete manual for COBI.Bike is available either via the web at or via the settings menu in the COBI.Bike app.

System overview

The bike comes equipped with a COBI.Bike Hub and Ambisense Rear Light which have been certified for operation with the TranzX M25GT motor system.

① COBI.Bike Hub & Front Light

Bike battery (including on/off switch)

③ Bike motor

④ COBI.Bike Rear Light 

Starting and stopping

Master power switch

You can start and stop the vehicle drive system using the master power switch located on the side of the battery pack.

Once you start the battery system, it will run continuously until you switch it off via the master switch until or it goes to sleep after 12 hours of inactivity.

You can verify if the battery is running and properly charged by checking the status indicator next to the master power switch.

If you start up the battery system COBI.Bike automatically wakes up too and then starts the motor.  You will now be able to begin your ride.

Warm start

Once the battery is started, you can start the drive system using the button on the side of the COBI.Bike Hub. COBI.Bike then starts the motor and you can begin your ride.

Once connected, COBI.Bike warm-starts the vehicle automatically whenever you're nearby and you open the app. It's the best way to get going quickly.

If the battery system has gone to sleep after extended inactivity, you cannot warm-start the vehicle via COBI.Bike. You must use the master power switch.

② COBI.Bike Front Light

③ Status LED

⑦ Hub button

⑧ Loudspeaker

Stopping the drive system

To ensure that the drive system is completely powered down, make sure the battery is not connected to its charger and switch the battery off using the master power switch.

You can also switch off the drive system at any time by holding the hub button on COBI.Bike for 1 second.

As a safety feature, COBI.Bike also stops the drive system after five minutes if the system detects no movement.

Once connected, COBI.Bike will stop the drive system automatically if you close the app from the Home screen or if you move away from the vehicle with your phone.  It's the most convenient way to stop the drive system.

Note: COBI.Bike does not shut down the drive system if you close the app while in the Dashboard mode, this allows you to switch to other applications while riding.

Start and stop confirmation

COBI.Bike provides an audible confirmation whenever the drive system starts.  The Status LED will also light up and the front light will switch on briefly to welcome you.

Whenever you shutdown the system COBI.Bike also provides audible confirmation and the Status LED turns off.


You can switch the light mode at any time by pressing the hub button briefly.  Light operation can be synchronized by connecting the rear light to the COBI.Bike Hub.

For more detailed information on controlling the lights, please refer to the lighting documentation in the main COBI.Bike manual:

AmbiSense Front Light

AmbiSense Rear Light

While the front light is powered directly from the bike battery, the rear light must be charged separately via its integrated USB port.


You can activate the bell function by tapping the button on the Thumb Controller.  You can hit the button more than once if you want to attract more attention.

For more information on using the Thumb Controller, please refer to the documentation in the main COBI.Bike manual:

Thumb Controller and Electronic Bell

Controlling the Motor

Support modes

The iZip Protour supports 4 drive modes: "1", "2", "3" and "Turbo".  You can switch support modes using the Thumb Controller.

To increase the support mode, press the "Up" arrow on the Thumb Controller.

To decrease the support mode, press the "Down" arrow on the Thumb Controller.

In standalone mode (i.e. when not connected to the COBI.Bike App), COBI.Bike provides audible confirmation

Once connected, the app displays a range of eBike parameters, including support mode, speed, remaining battery charge, effective range and an indication of how much being delivered by the engine.  For more details, please refer to:

Homescreen and Dashboard

Walk assist

To activate the motor walk assist function, press and hold the "Bell" button on the thumb controller.

For more information on using the Thumb Controller, please refer to the documentation in the main COBI.Bike manual:

Thumb Controller and Electronic Bell

Connecting your Phone

Once you have mastered stand-alone operation, it's time to connect your smartphone.  For details on smartphone compatibility, please refer to

Attaching your phone

You can attach and charge your phone to the bike using either a special mount case for your phone or using the universal mount.  For more details, please refer to:

Mounting and Removing a Smartphone

Getting started with COBI.Bike smart features

To make the most of the integration between COBI.Bike and the Protour, connect your bike using the COBI.Bike app.  Please refer to the getting started guide you received with your vehicle.

Getting the most of connected bike

Once you are connected, you can take advantage of all the advanced features offered via the COBI.Bike app.

For an overview, please check out the "Using the App" section in the online manual, available at or from the Settings menu in the app.

Stay up to date with the latest version of both the app and COBI.Bike firmware to take get new features and improvements as they are released.

System settings

For an overview of system settings, please see the relevant area in the COBI.Bike manual:


Vehicle specific settings

For the integration with the iZip Protour to work well, it is important that the correct drive setting is selected in the app settings.

This is preset to "TranzX" during manufacture, but it can be changed via the app.  Doing so prevents COBI.Bike from activating the drive system, though you will still be able to connect via the app to the Home screen and correct the problem.  If you are unable to activate the drive please check the drive setting is correct.

System warnings and errors

The iZip Protour features on-board diagnostics functionality which make it easier to deal with problems.


If the bike encounters the following situations it will reduce or shut down motor assist:

In these situations, the bike status LED blinks rapidly to confirm that the drive system has entered a reduced power mode.

If you are connected, the COBI.Bike app provides more detailed information about the nature of the warning – letting you know whether it is due to a low battery or motor overheat condition.


COBI.Bike captures any errors which are reported by the drive system and makes these available to assist with repairs.

If an error is reported, the status LED blinks yellow.

If a critical error is reported, the status LED blinks red.

If you are connected, the COBI.Bike app provides you with an immediate notification when an error occurs and allows you to access online help for resolving the problem. You can also review the status of any errors via the settings menu in the app.

You can remove the warnings from the dashboard by clearing the contents of the error log using the app.  If an error re-occurs, it is then re-reported in the same way as before.  Clearing the log has no effect on the rideability of the bike, however, the log can be used by service technicians to locate a problem.