The COBI.Bike hub is the core of the system. It works as a mount for your smartphone, the battery pack (for regular bikes only) and the AmbiSense Front Light. Built-in sensor technology and interfaces such as Bluetooth, ANT and CAN ensure ideal communication between the smartphone, cyclist and bicycle.

  1. Battery Pack
  2. AmbiSense Front Light
  3. Status LED Light
  4. Release Button
  5. Mounting Rails
  6. Light Sensor
  7. Hub Button
  8. Internal Battery

Internal Battery

The hub contains an internal battery which is charged by the external battery pack. For eBikes, the internal battery is charged when the drive system is turned on. It enables basic functions such as bluetooth connection to connect your smartphone and allows the alarm function to be activated even if you remove the external battery pack or eBike battery.

Hub Button

The button on the bottom right side of the hub serves multiple purposes:

Power On/Off

Press the hub button for about 1 second to put COBI.Bike into standby mode. If the hub sounds are activated (Settings -> My Bike -> Hub Sounds) you will hear a sound feedback when your hub switches into standby. The standby mode keeps the Bluetooth activated so that COBI.Bike can be woken up remotely by opening the COBI.Bike app. View further options how to put COBI.Bike into standby mode and wake it up again by clicking here.

Recovery Mode

In case there is an issue with your COBI.Bike System it might be necessary to enable the recovery mode for the COBI.Bike hub. The recovery mode resets your hub and can help to solve connectivity problems.

The recovery mode is also necessary when updating the firmware of the hub.

  • Enter recovery mode: Hold the hub button for at least 13 seconds
  • Exit recovery mode: Press the hub button once

Switching Light Modes (manually)

Tapping the hub button will change the light mode or turn the light off. The light mode can also be changed in the COBI.Bike app via the quick settings. There are five modes available:

Light Mode 

Front Light 

Rear Light 




AmbiSense (auto)

will switch lights based on ambient light conditions (including daytime running light for increased visibility during the day)


low-power beam

standard light mode at night – offering a sufficient illumination


full beam

boosts the front light to the maximum level of brightness possible

(shortcut: can also be activated at any time via long pressing the up button of the thumb controller or the +-button on the Intuvia remote)