Charging the Smartphone

The battery charges your smartphone either when you connect the iPhone Mount Case to the hub or when you plug the Micro USB or Lightning® cable into the Universal Mount of your smartphone, which connects your smartphone to the HUB. You can deactivate and activate the charging function of your paired smartphone in the quick settings, see pictures and text below. 

Note the following when using:
1. If the charge level of your eBike battery is below 20%, the front light is on the brightest level, the charging function stops automatically.
2. check if your iPhone Mount Case or Universal Mount is properly engaged. 
3. if you still cannot charge your smartphone, check the two contact pins on the top of your COBI Bike Hubs and on the bottom of your Universal Mount, or iPhone Mount Case. These should be at the same height as the surrounding plastic case and should not be corroded. Clean them with contact spray if necessary.
4. When using a Universal Mount, check your used cable for cable breakage and try an alternative if necessary.

Quick settings:
Press the arrow key in the dashboard/cockpit view - bottom left, where you find your weather information, inside the COBI.Bike App.