AmbiSense Rear Light

The COBI.Bike AmbiSense Rear Light communicates wirelessly with the COBI.Bike hub. It features an integrated accelerometer. If connected to the hub and in automatic mode, it is part of the AmbiSense system and the light turns on as soon as it gets dark. In manual mode, you decide when you want to turn the light on. Furthermore, it is water resistant in accordance with the protection category IPX6.

Rear Light Status LED

LED modeWhat does it mean?
offOff or standby
breathing (fades slowly)Searching for a hub (to connect)
solid redConnected to hub
blinkingBattery is below 20%
fast blinking (connected charging cable)Battery is charging
solid red (connected charging cable)Battery is fully charged


The rear light has an integrated battery that can be charged via the provided micro USB cable. The connector is placed at the bottom of the rear side covered by protective plug. If the battery level is below 20%, the status LED will blink and the rear light icon displayed in the dashboard will appear and show a small red marker.

Once connected to a power source, the status LED flashes. A solid red LED indicates that the battery is fully charged.

In order to check the battery level of your rear light, go to Settings > My Bike > AmbiSense Rear Light. You will receive information about the current battery percentage and hub connection status.


Before setting up your rear light, please make sure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Proximity to bike (with activated hub)

  • Smartphone with internet connection

  • Charged rear light (>20% = Status-LED is not flashing)

  • Newest App version from the App Store or Google Play Store

  • Newest Hub-Firmware (Settings > My Bike > Firmware)

Now, you can update your rear light via Settings > My Bike > AmbiSense Rear Light and connect it to your hub:

  1. Follow the instructions in the app

  2. Once successfully updated, the AmbiSense Rear Light will turn on and off automatically with the front light

Automatic and Manual Operation

Automatic Operation (synchronized with the front light)

By default, the rear light is in synchronization with the front light controlled by the hub (AmbiSense light technology). It turns off automatically when not in use or when the hub is turned off. It turns on again once the bike moves and the status LED is breathing. If your hub is on and within range it will connect automatically and adopt the currently selected lighting mode. If the rear light is connected to your hub, the LED light will be constantly on and a small rear light icon will appear on the bottom of the dashboard. The icon will disappear when moving – i.e. when riding – after a while but the rear light will still be connected. It will appear again once your battery level drops below 20% or if you stop cycling.

Manual Operation (user override)

If necessary, it can also be turned on or off manually by quickly pressing the rear light button independent of the sensor based AmbiSense mode of the front light. A double blink signals the automatic AmbiSense mode. Your rear light stays connected to your hub no matter which main light mode you choose.This is indicated by the solid red status LED. The turn signal works at any time.

Shutting down the Rear Light

In order to shut down the rear light, press and hold the central button for about 2 seconds. When successfully shut down the rear light won't wake up due to movement anymore. This saves additional battery when not mounted to the bike. In order to turn it on, just press and hold the central button again.

Turn Signal (non-K Version only)

You can trigger the turn signals when successfully connected to the COBI.Bike hub (solid red light) and you own the international / "Offroad" version* without "K" number marking. Turn signals are automatically blinking 5 times when triggered. Changing the direction and re-starting is possible while operating.

COBI.Bike Thumb Controller: Gently press the "left" or "right" button (for a bit) until the turn signal starts.
Bosch Intuvia remote: Hold the "+" button to trigger the right turn signal and the "-" button to trigger the left turn signal (like in cars).
Bosch Nyon Joystick remote: Move and hold the joystick to the left or right until the turn signal starts.

*) Due to regulatory constraints turn signal function is not working with German StVZO "K" version of the AmbiSense Rear Light.