AmbiSense Front Light

The COBI.Bike AmbiSense Front Light has three different modes – daytime running lights, low-power beam, and full beam. The app allows you to switch through them manually or you can choose the automatic light mode. The automatic light mode can either be selected manually or is turned on by default when you connect your phone to the hub. Moreover, the light sensor at the hub controls the light modes based on the surrounding ambient light conditions.

For more information on how to switch on the front light and change the light mode click here.

How to Position the Front Light

According to German law (StVZO §67, paragraph 3), the front light needs to be positioned the following way:

When projected on a wall 5 meters in front of the headlamp, the beam must be adjusted so that its center is at least only half as high as its exit from the headlight.

  1. Place your bike 5 meters in front of a wall, hold the bike straight and turn on the light

  2. Use the Allen key to loosen and eventually tighten the front light in correct position

  3. Adjust the beam so that the brightest area is set at the halfway height of the the installation height